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February 2016
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In addition to this month's car tips, we found a great way to "break your legs" as demonstrated by a couple of adorable girls in this issue's fun video.
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Lyle and Lon West
- In this issue:
A Critical Contact Your Phone is Missing
Have you memorized your license plate number? Your VIN number? Or the phone number to roadside assistance? When you need these critical bits of info and...
The Cutest Way to "Break Your Legs" & Win a Free Vehicle Detail
Sisters, Jordyn and Sydney decided to make a dance video using their mom's iPad and phone. Sydney introduces her sister...
2016 TITAN XD Shoulders of Giants
We have all had a giant. Someone who has gone before us. Who encouraged us, inspired us, and...
How to Clean Leather Seats
Soft, shiny leather seats are a great addition to any vehicle. Dry, cracked, and faded leather seats, not so much - and cold weather can dry out your seats even more. Here's how to keep your leather looking like new.
To Idle or Not to Idle?
It's that time of the year when many motorists let their vehicle "warm up" or idle before driving. But is that a good idea? Here's what you need to know...
2016 Ram Rebel Wins Truck of the Year
Four Wheeler Magazine, a popular off-road enthusiast publication, has named our new...
X Game Athletes Put the Wrangler to the Test
The Jeep brand took X Games athletes Torah Bright and Tom Wallisch through...