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June 2017
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If you've ever suddenly noticed that you're on empty, and the closest gas station isn't so close, then don't miss our tip on how to drive farther on empty.
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Lyle and Lon West
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5 Tips to Make it to the Gas Station When You're on Empty (#3 Will Surprise You)
If you find yourself driving on fumes, here are some tips to help you squeeze out a few extra miles so you can make it to the pump.
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The $7 Solution to Protect Your Car's Paint from Scratches
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Employee Spotlight on Grady Samms
This month we are highlighting Grady Samms, our parts clerk who has been with us for almost 13 years.
Chrysler Pacifica Named Best Minivan
“If you're looking for the perfect family vehicle, the Chrysler Pacifica is tough to beat. It has more than enough room for kids and cargo along with unique...
Would You do This in a Jeep?
The men and women who guide drivers through the dangerous trails in Moab, Utah - known as spotters -are the unsung heroes of...
The 2017 Rogue Sport Video Walkaround
Nissan Insider Remi Maggio reviews the 2017 Rogue Sport's interior features, cargo space, safety features and more.
Don't Get Hit with Bogus Rental Car Charges
Discover the one important thing you need to do before you return your rental car in this one-minute video from Clark Howard.