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February 2017
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Lyle and Lon West
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How to Make Your Wipers Last Longer
Plus an easy tip to tell when you should change your windshield wipers...
How to Restore Faded Black Car Trim
Constant sun exposure can do a number on your vehicle's exterior trim.
Employee Profile: Kenny Allen
This month we are highlighting Kenny who has been with us for almost twenty years.
Pacifica Named 2017 Utility of the Year
The award is unique and considered by many to be one of the world's most prestigious based on...
Uh-Oh, You Won't Believe What This Bear Does...
Driving in the snow may not be fun, but watching an oversize bear interrupt a winter photoshoot definitely is!
Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Named 2017 SUV of the Year
Over the course of a week, FOUR WHEELER's judges conducted a variety of tests spanning more than 1,000 miles of terrain that included...
Nissan Titan Named Truck of the Year
TRUCK TREND's Pickup Truck of the Year award is not determined around a conference room table. This is a real-world evaluation of pickups as...
Why You Should Keep Your Tire Pressure Gauge in Your Trunk
Checking the tire pressure on your vehicle is important for safety, for the life of your tires, and for optimal gas mileage. Here's why...